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Founded in 1980, Zhongshan Donlim Weili Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has become a driving force in the home appliance manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on a modern integrated facility to carry out the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of top notch, energy saving and environmentally friendly washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, ice cream machines and other home appliances.

Production base layout
Backed by 30 years of expert washing machine manufacturing experience, we offer a full range of front load, fully automatic, semi-automatic and top loading washing machines to meet all customer needs. As our production base is one of the largest for washing machines in Southern China, we have set up a Golden Triangle with factory locations in Eastern and Southwestern China to form a production layout that covers the country. We also have production bases for refrigerators in Zhongshan and Ningbo, in order to continue to improve the strategic layout of our production and continue to serve customers as best as we possibly can. Our microwave production scale is the third largest in China, allowing us to provide long term OEM services to customers all over the world.

In addition, we are a fully self-sufficient company for a full range of plastic and metal parts, spray parts, transformers and electronic accessories to quickly ship spare and replacement parts for appliances to customers.

R&D and Quality
Our core values are quality, innovation and customer service. With great detail paid to scientific research management, we have become a domestic leader for joint laboratories and testing centers. We have been awarded the title of Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, due to our excellent innovation and continuous investment in research resources, which has also allowed us to grow into a scientific and technological leader on the domestic market.

When it comes to quality, we have established an international advanced quality management system, and have passed both ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standard requirements. Each product we sell meets 3C certifications, and has also passed CE, GS, EMC, EMF, RoHS, and ETL, CETL, FCC, OSHA, and FDA certifications standards.

Dedicated employees are key to our success. We currently employ almost 3,000 people, each of which has expert knowledge and experience in the home appliance industry, and a university degree. By providing a friendly work environment, and carrying out comprehensive assessment and motivation for our staff, we place an emphasis on teamwork to keep the ideal of a friendly and interesting working environment. By paying such key attention to our staff, we have turned from a labor intensive company to a talent intensive company, and our staff has a strong innovation and investment in the development of Weili.

Brand influence
From the very beginning, we have focused on professional achievements, attracting loyal customers. Our earliest predecessor before we became who we are today, was Zhongshan Washing Machine Factory, where the first single cylinder washing machine in China was developed using our own technology.

In 1989, our technological breakthrough of a double cylinder washing machine, Weili took a new step into the Chinese washing machine industry. Since then, with the development of both semi-and fully automatic washing machines, and top loading or front loading washing machines, Weili has become a prominent player in the industry, and is the first company in China to have an annual sale of over 1 million washing machines.

From 1989 to 1995, we achieved the first nationwide sales for seven consecutive years, and sold more than 30 million units on the market. Weili is the only company to have been awarded the title of "King of Washing Machines in China,” demonstrating the trust and loyalty our customers have in us. In 2010, with changes made in the industrial environment, our target consumers and brand management strategy, we launched an overall brand redesign, which included changing our logo, and created a brand new focus for powerful, trendy and an excellent cost to performance ration. The new logo is designed to show both where we have come from and where we are going, and emphasizes our reputation for science and technology, fashion, environmental protection, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefits for us and our consumers.

Marketing network and layout
Weili has a dedicated marketing team, contributing to creative marketing ideas and a network that covers the entire country. We have 24 branch offices in China, and have set up a nationwide marketing network to serve all of China, with a sales network of more than 3,000 branches. Our brand has expanded to international customers, and we are now working in long term relationships with Beko, Daewoo and other international enterprises to sell our products to customers in Europe, America, South America, the Asian pacific, Middle East, Africa and other overseas markets.

Let us be your home appliance supplier and see why we are trusted by people all over the world!

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