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10kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

XQB100-10089 Washing Machine
Double damper slow down tempered glass cover
Electronic 10 water level design
LCD display
2-24 hours reservation function
Microcomputer control washing programs (Standard, Heavy Duty, Gentle, Quick Wash, Air Drying, Drum Cleaning, 6 programs to choose from)
All stainless steel inner drum
With a child lock function, child safety is guaranteed.

Wash/Spin Capacity (Kg): 10.0/10.0
Wash/Spin Power (W): 500/330
Wash/Spin Noise dB (A): 62/72
N.W/G.W. (Kg): 48.0/52.5
Product dimension (W*L*H): 610*630*990 mm
Packing dimension (W*L*H): 685*705*1060 mm
Loading qty (40'/40HQ): 102/102

XQB100-10086E Washing Machine
Transparent window, the washing process is clearly visible
Electronic 10 water level design
2-24 hours reservation function
Microcomputer control washing programs (Intelligent, Standard, Heavy Duty, Gentle, Quick Wash, Rinseless Wash, Air Drying, Drum Cleaning, 8 programs to choose from).
All stainless steel inner drum
With a child lock function, your child's safety is guaranteed against accidents.

Wash/Spin Capacity (Kg): 10.0/10.0
Wash/Spin Power (W): 500/330
Wash/Spin Noise dB (A): 62/72
N.W/G.W. (Kg): 49.0/53.5
Product dimension (W*L*H): 610*630*1010 mm
Packing dimension (W*L*H): 685*705*1060 mm
Loading qty (40'/40HQ): 102/102

1. Heating

Adjust the optimal heating temperature in order to maximize the activity of the detergent's active enzyme. A bionic hand scrubbing motion is used to dissolve the detergent faster and effectively break apart stains.
Adjustable temperature between 30 and 50 ℃.
Depending on the clothing material, the heating temperature can be freely adjusted to keep the bright luster of clothes and effectively remove stubborn stains.
Heating also activates enzyme activity in the detergent.
It has been scientifically proven that 45℃ activates the enzyme in the detergent to make the washing cycle even cleaner.
50℃ heats and sterilizes clothing.
Sterilization and heating has a better detergent effect on underwear and children's wear, without damaging the clothing.

2. Foam Wash

A unique stirring foam generating device accelerates the dissolution of the washing powder and washing liquid, then remove residual washing powder to improve the rinsing effect.
The stirring foam generating device fully dissolves detergent in order to produce large amounts of foam for cleaning.
The foam is stirred during the rinsing cycle, and as the detergent is fully dissolved, it leaves no residue behind.
With an excellent rinsing process, the foam comes into full contact with clothing, in order to get better washing results.

3. Water Scrubbing

Both a large and small impeller carry out forward and reverse rotation to separate and scrub clothing. National invention patent number: ZL200620059708.5.
Concentric biaxial, strong power
The unique clutch control two impellers run at the same time in opposite directions, creating a powerful reverse movement in the water in order to provide a more powerful scrubbing force during the washing process, making the washing even better.

Scroll Washing
The outside impeller motion inverts clothing to ensure a uniform, 360º washing.

Scrubbing Washing
The inside impeller motion scrubs and separates clothing, in order to deep clean stubborn stains and keep clothes in their original size.

4. Bionic Hand Scrubbing

When the impeller rotates, the inner drum moves in both forward and reverse directions simultaneously, in order for the water to swirl, much like manual hand scrubbing does. This allows for a full clothes washing range. This reduces clothing winding, and improves the wash ratio.

Spiral High-Gluten Impeller Design
The perfect combination of a hand scrub water flow and radial water flow reduces the contact of clothes with the impeller in order to achieve a full range pf washing.

Inner Drum with Bionic Design
The inner drum design fully scrubs the clothes and effectively cleans stains.

5. Pure Copper Wire Motor

The pure copper wire motor allows for a more powerful washing and a longer service life, while saving more power.

Better durability
Weili's pure copper wire motor service life is 6 time longer than an aluminum wire motor.

Saves more energy
Under the same conditions, copper achieves a higher conversion rate, saves more power, and saves more energy compared to aluminum.

More Washing Technology, Better Cleaning Experience

Smart fuzz control system
The automatic sensing of the washing status and water level will add water halfway, automatically sense tangled clothing, and automatically sense the washing time and detect any faults.

Humanized LED internal chamber lighting
Designed with an internal drum lighting, and a high brightness LED color light, when the cover of the washing machine is opened, the light will turn on.

Antibacterial health wash
Nanosilver ion antibacterial particles released by the nanosilver ion antibacterial pulsator effectively inhibits the growth of mold. As better mold prevention, the steel drum is an antibacterial drum, providing double protection.

Inner drum maintenance function
In the absence of clothes, the inner drum will fill with water for self-cleaning in order to remove dirt and bacteria in both the inner and outer drum wall to keep it clean.

Powerful wind drying for clothes
Through the wind formed by high speed rotation of the internal drum, clothes can easily be dried after wards by simply hanging them out.

Powerful Cleaning
Variable speed washing
According to user washing needs, the impeller rotation can be adjusted in order to prevent the abrasion of clothes when washing.

Quick Heating Washing
Advanced full ceramic wrapped PTC heaters are used for a rapid heating and to improve the heating efficiency so there is no need to wait. (Quick heating washing technical invention patent number: ZL201020520633.2)

Stereoscopic waterfall powerful water flow
The stereoscopic waterfall water flow continues to impact clothes, wash dead spots on clothes, and roll the clothing in the water to prevent twisting.