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Microwave Oven

Our microwave oven department was established in 2001.

For 15 years, our microwave oven department has maintained a steady and upward development, and has now become the third domestic microwave oven manufacturing base to produce an annual sales of 250,000 microwave ovens.

Our microwave department is comprised of the marketing center, R&D center, and production center. A large staff works here, with the knowledge and expertise required to operate and maintain 7 advanced automatic production lines in the production center.

The 17L series microwave oven comes in a mechanical model and a digital model. The primary difference lies in the operating system, and users are encouraged to choose the mechanical microwave or the digital microwave based on their usage habits.

Our 20L series microwave oven includes the 20L mechanical microwave oven, and the 20L digital microwave oven.

The 23L and 25 L series of microwave ovens also come in both digital and mechanical models.

Size: 28L
Output power: 900W
Power lever: 5
Cooking end signal
Child safe lock
Product dimension (W*D*H): 518*440*324mm
Packing dimension (W*D*H): 580*475*375mm

A built-in microwave oven is great for kitchens where counter space is scarce. With a modern design, they will easily match the other appliances in your kitchen, and are easily installed above your wall oven, into a kitchen island, or just about anywhere else that is the most convenient for you.

Size: 20L
Output power: 800W
Grill Power:1000W
Convection Power:1000W
Power lever: 5
Cooking end signal
Child safe lock
Product dimension (W*D*H): 451*325*257mm
Packing dimension (W*D*H): 482*386*294mm

We are committed to the development on the international and domestic markets, and customers come to us from over 100 different countries, knowing they can trust us for small domestic appliances.

The microwave department continues to grow with the help of R&D technology innovation. We focus on product trends, and do everything possible to make these food heating appliances easy to use. They are aesthetically designed, feature an excellent and reliable performance, save energy and are environmentally friendly. We supply microwave ovens in a number of specifications and varieties, from 17L to 34L.

Five major advantages of our microwave oven
More nutritious, much safer; much quieter, more economically friendly, lighter than traditional microwaves

Latest technology, intelligent control

We are seeking qualified agents, distributors, and OEM suppliers to join us here at Donlim Weili.