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Energy efficiency, innovation and a sleek design: all things customers expect out of home appliances from Zhongshon Donlim Weili Electrical Appliance Co, Ltd. For more than 30 years, we have been developing and manufacturing microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances that consumers know and rely on. Our development of the first single cylinder washing machine in China launched us into prominence, and we have only continued to grow, earning us a leading position on domestic and international home appliance markets. Our team is friendly, and dedicated to producing the right appliances to meet nearly any consumer need. To achieve this, we also carry out OEM services! Feel free to browse our website, and see why we have been named a top home appliance enterprise in China.

    1. 17L Mechanical Microwave Oven

      Size: 17L
      Output power: 700W
      Power lever: 6
      Cooking end signal
      Product dimension (W*D*H): 424*347*263mm
      Packing dimension (W*D*H): 452*363*296mm
      N.W/G.W.(kg): 10.3/11.4
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40'HQ): 660/1330/1520

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    1. 20L Mechanical Microwave Oven

      Size: 20L
      Output power: 700W /800W
      Power lever: 6
      Cooking end signal
      Product dimension (W*D*H): 451*360*257mm
      Packing dimension (W*D*H): 482*386*294mm
      N.W/G.W.(kg): 10.1/11.2
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40'HQ): 575/1180/1325

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    1. 23L/25L Digital Microwave Oven

      Size: 23L
      Output power: 800W
      Power lever: 5
      Cooking end signal
      Child safe lock
      Product dimension (W*D*H): 482*396*278mm
      Packing dimension (W*D*H): 540*424*330mm
      N.W/G.W.(kg): 12.6/14.2
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40'HQ): 420/850/960

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    1. 2.0L Ice Cream Maker

      Capacity 2.0L/2.1qt
      Power consumption 180W
      Noise level ≤60dB(A)
      Product dimension (WxDxH) 272*315*362mm
      Packing dimension (WxDxH) 336*380*410mm
      N.W./G.W. (Kg) 12.0/14.2
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40HQ) 510/1020/1210pcs

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    1. Yogurt Maker

      Capacity 1.5L/1.6qt
      Power consumption 65W
      Noise level ≤50dB(A)
      Product dimension (WxDxH) 181*250*253mm
      Packing dimension (WxDxH) 352*352*560mm
      N.W./G.W. (Kg) 4.8/7.0
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40HQ) 450/904/1040pcs

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    1. Beer Dispenser

      Capacity 5L/5.2qt
      Power consumption 65W
      Noise level ≤40dB(A)
      Product dimension (WxDxH) 272*414*430mm
      Packing dimension (WxDxH) 334*460*470mm
      N.W./G.W. (Kg) 6.8/8.9
      Loading qty(20'/40'/40HQ) 445/900/1010pcs

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